950perhead.com is a company in Costa Rica that offers a pay-per-head service to worldwide bookies to operate their bookie shops. In the past, most bookies relied on operating on secluded establishments and using paper tickets or recording devices hooked up to a telephone to write the business, now with the new technology bookies can operate in the comfort of their home, office, or on the go, the only expenses would be the pay per head and the cash collectors.

950perhead.com was created to take bookies to a high-performance level of efficient management and productivity by providing our robust bookie management software to greatly organize and streamline an agent’s day-to-day functions.


All of our features are now online! You or your agents can access from anywhere our state-of-the-art admin panel where you or your agents can add funds, modify lines, hide games, change passwords, disable players, and much more from any smartphone, tablet, or PC with an internet connection. Regardless of where you are by the pool with the company of friends or at your office or traveling if there is an internet signal you are in business.


Amongst our features now online! Your players not only have the option to call in their bets onto our call center they can also access the online platform and make their bets in a secure ambiance and user friendly also check lines and events from the comfort of their home, office, and on the go on any device with an internet connection.


Because we’ve developed our own proprietary software, we can consistently add important features. Over the years we’ve added agent-controlled wagering limits, line moving, adjusting spreads, and money lines. We also provide player action alerts and our own unique agent payment solutions that allow online payments with cryptocurrencies, credit cards, and more.

Our software improvements are all about making life easier for you. You can take on more players and grow your business without becoming overwhelmed or overworked. And it doesn’t stop there. We’re always coming up with something new to improve your business and increase your profits.

We cover over 80 sports leagues to suit any player’s needs, with in-game and props betting. We now have premium and 3D digital casino games, along with 2 live dealers to keep your players entertained at any time, day or night. You can keep making money even while you sleep. For those that want more thrill, we have included live betting and prop builder.

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